martedì 3 luglio 2012

1963 Impala El Rey | Lowrider

Video by Stephen Brooks FILMS
I’ve been a huge fan of Lowriders since I was a little boy so getting the chance to shoot this film was a dream come true. Shot in a couple of hours one evening with the De Alba family the film takes a brief look at their cars, a blue ’64 Impala street hopper and a ’63 Impala named ‘El Rey’, one of the most incredible cars I’ve ever seen. A special thanks to Brian Goude from Grinder TV who introduced us to the De Alba Family.
Albert De Alba would like to thank the following people:
‘Special Thanks to: God, My wife Lorraine, Sons Young Al & Andrew, My Moms, Pops, & Brothers, Beto Rocha & Fam, Cal Blast, Mario’s Auto Works, Hoppo’s Custom Suspension, ELITE Car Club, Grinder TV, & Stephen Brooks’
Music :
Willie Hutch – I Choose You
UGK (Underground Kingz) – International Players Anthem (I Choose You) [Ft Outkast]
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